Butterworth, C. J. and Lancaster, J. and Shah, H. S.
J Laryngol Otol, 2015
Publication year: 2015



Transoral endoscopic ENT surgical procedures are a mainstay of treatment for a variety of conditions and are often preferable to open surgery where possible. Cases of micrognathia, prominent incisor teeth or trismus may create difficulties in gaining sufficient access to undertake such procedures. Extraction of the anterior maxillary teeth can help overcome these problems in appropriate cases, with subsequent prosthetic tooth replacement supported by dental implants. To date, this approach has not been reported in the literature.


This paper reports on two cases which illustrate this approach; the first case involved pharyngeal pouch management where previous open surgery had failed, and the second case involved glottic carcinoma management where oral access was compromising resection.


This technique is recommended to facilitate effective transoral surgical procedures as a low-morbidity alternative to either open surgery or non-surgical therapies.