Pace-Balzan, A. and Cawood, J. I. and Howell, R. and Butterworth, C. J. and Lowe, D. and Rogers, S. N.
Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg, 2006
Publication year: 2006



Since the first version of the Liverpool Oral Rehabilitation Questionnaire (LORQ) was first published in 2004, the questionnaire has been modified to include more detail on chewing and appearance, and also details of denture, dental and implant status.


The aim of this study is to report the ongoing development and validation of the LORQ version3.


A postal survey of the LORQv3 and OHIP-14 questionnaires was performed in April 2004 of 164 patients who had attended the oral rehabilitation clinic from February 2000. In addition The LORQv3 was administered to 349 patients attending six General Dental Practices, based in Liverpool, attending for routine care.


Patients attending GDP scored appreciably better on most items in the LORQv3. The questionnaire discriminated between cancer and non-cancer oral rehabilitation patients in items such as swallowing, chewing, trismus, drooling and food clearance. There was no significant difference between rehabilitation groups for any of the seven OHIP-14 domains. The LORQv3 demonstrated good criterion validity when compared to the OHIP-14 with social items in the LORQv3 correlating well with items of the OHIP-14. Conversely various LORQv3 items did not have strong correlates within the OHIP-14 thus endorsing the additional items in the LORQv3.