cape-town-conference-logoIn April 2016, I was privileged to get over to Cape Town, South Africa for an international conference, organised by Southern Implants. The meeting was a great success and brought together many experienced specialists from across the world to present updates and information about all that is new in this exciting and fast-moving area of clinical practice.

I was able to present a very thorough update of much of the work that I have been involved in over the past 10 years or so and especially around the use of zygomatic implants to assist in the management of highly complex patients. I presented four posters, some ofsouthern-cape-town-2016-posters which I had written with our excellent international fellow Fazrina Ariff.

  • Horizontally placed zygomatic implants for the retention of facial prostheses
  • Early loading of angled implants in maxillectomy  with radial forearm flap reconstruction
  • Extra-oral Intra-oral  defect management with zygomatic implant retained bi-directional bar apparatus.
  • Primary vs secondary placement of zygomatic implants in head & neck cancer patients – 10 years of initial experience

For more information regarding these posters and to download the information, check out our Posters section of this website.