imageDr Tengku Fazrina Tengku Mohd Ariff

International training Fellow (2014 – 2016)

Liverpool has a great team in providing excellent management for head and neck cancer patients which i was very proud to work and learn alongside with. I really enjoyed the operating sessions in Aintree Hospital where we were exposed to routine pre-implant surgical procedures, placement of conventional dental and zygomatic implants and rehabilitation of head and neck cancers from placing implants during primary surgery to prosthetic rehabilitation.

The two years I have spent as a Tier 5 MTI fellow under Mr Chris Butterworth will be the most amazing experience in my whole career. The opportunity to be trained in maxillofacial prosthodontics which includes advanced concept in implants fixed and removable prosthodontics and also facial prosthetics was indeed a great platform towards providing excellent patient rehabilitation for my country. His advance skills in prosthetic planning and delivering treatment in complex and advanced restorative cases have resulted life-changing prostheses for all these patients especially dental oncology patients.

I would say, it’s a roller coaster ride, where you look forward to an exciting journey alongside a great circle of people, full of thrill and mind blowing experience .Before you knew it, the adventure was over but your heart wishes, it will never end and your head is craving for more.

Tengku Fazrina Tengku Mohd Ariff
Senior lecturer/ Specialist in Prosthodontics
Universiti Teknologi MARA