Previous NHS Post CCST Fellows

Dr Carly Taylor

I cannot recommend the Fellowship highly enough. Having completed academic specialty training in restorative dentistry, I knew that I wanted to sub-specialise in oral rehabilitation. This fellowship was perfect in allowing me to gain both theoretical and practical experience at two leading units in the UK and gain a much broader perspective in all stages of rehabilitation. I had the opportunity to be involved in advanced cases involving zygomatic implants, block bone grafting, sinus augmentation, implant placements and obturator construction. There is also close working with Maxillofacial colleagues, getting the opportunity to be involved in state of the art treatments such as digitally planned implant supported fibula reconstructions and ZIP flaps. The fellowship also allows increased autonomy and a gradual transition from Registrar to Consultant, with ample opportunity to work independently as well as under supervision when needed. Both units have fantastic, friendly teams and both Mr. Butterworth and Prof. Barclay are great mentors and very supportive.

I now have a Consultant job focussed upon oral rehabilitation and I would not have the skills, confidence and understanding to do this role had I not completed the fellowship.


Carly trained with us in 2017/18 and subsequently went on to a consultant job in Manchester.

Mr Rahat Ali

I thoroughly enjoyed my Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Fellowship Year. I completed my Specialist Training in Restorative Dentistry and received a good broad basis of knowledge. However I was very aware that Maxillofacial Prosthodontics is a vast and complex discipline in itself and that I had only just touched the topic in my specialist training. After completing my exit, I was fortunate to have been offered a chance to compete my Post CCST training in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics at both Manchester and Liverpool. Working with 2 different units and observing their preferred means of oral rehabilitation was an excellent learning opportunity in itself.
I worked with (and assisted) Prof Craig Barclay and Mr Chris Butterworth on both their outpatient clinics and theatre lists. I had ample opportunity to improve my skills in conventional prosthetics, fixed and removable implant supported superstructures, dental implant placement and mucogingival surgery. I assisted with the placement of numerous zygomatic implants and restored a number of zygomatic implant retained obturators, complete dentures and fixed bridges. The fellowship year was intense but very fulfilling. The majority of patients I treated had oral cancer, but I also rehabilitated a small number of patients with cleft lip/palate and hypodontia. During the year, I was also given the opportunity to present posters, speak at both regional and national conferences as well as to write papers. I have also been asked to present the research I conducted during my fellowship year at an International Conference. Towards the end of the year, I was given tremendous support, help and advice when applying for Consultant posts. This too was invaluable part of the fellowship.
I am so lucky to have had the chance to complete this year and cannot recommend the training highly enough for anyone who has an interest in the oral rehabilitation of oncology patients.
NHS Oral Rehabilitation Fellow 2015-2016

Mr Ahmed Al-Kyhatt

Best opportunity of my career
I wholeheartedly recommend training alongside Mr Butterworth. I thoroughly enjoyed one year of intense post-CCST surgical training in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics during my time as a surgical fellow in head and neck oral rehabilitation at Aintree Hospital. I particularly enjoyed the integration of maxillofacial and restorative surgical planning with precise treatment and management of head and neck cancer patients both in the short, medium and long term.

Mr Chris Butterworth is in my experience one of the most technically gifted restorative consultants both surgically and prosthodontically in the country. It was an honour working and training alongside him learning to a high degree the advanced concepts of implant fixed and removable prosthodontics both for intraoral and extraoral rehabilitation of the compromised head and neck patient, in both the outpatient and inpatient environment. I was also very impressed by the range of specialist treatment he offered including vestibuloplasty and soft tissue reorganisation of microvascular free flaps, soft and hard tissue augmentation, conventional and zygomatic implant rehabilitation, complex and simple nasal and orofacial defect management. This certainly was the best opportunity of my entire career.

Mr Ahmed Al-Kyhatt

Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
Bradford Royal Infirmary