Thursday 9th March 2017

Burroughs Room,
Wellcome Collection,

183 Euston Road,
Course Fee: £144


Course Program

Fifteen years of experience with Zygomatic Implants for full-arch rehabilitation of the resorbed Maxilla
(Dr Greg Boyes-Varley)
Dr Boyes-Varley of the PI Brånemark Institute will share the major findings of more than 15 years use of Zygomatic Implants. Complications will be discussed in the light of improved case selection and optimized surgical protocols. The concept
of simultaneous autogenous bone grafting with the placement of Zygomatic implants will be presented. Immediate loading, which is now routine with most Zygomatic cases, will be discussed from a surgical perspective. (9:30-10:15)

An alternative to Zygomatic Implants that also allows for immediate loading
(Dr Greg Boyes-Varley)
Subcrestal angular correction with non-Zygomatic Implants (Co-axis), will be discussed, by way of a review of 331 implants followed for between 7-12 years, yielding a success rate of 99.5%. (10:15-10:45)


Introduction to Facial Reconstruction using Titanium Fixtures, and the advent of the Oncology Implant
(Dr Greg Boyes-Varley)
Alternatives in the treatment of oncology and gunshot wounds for Maxillo-Facial rehabilitation, will be discussed. In particular, the Directors of the PI Brånemark Institute have pioneered a cost effective new protocol for the treatment of oncology and gunshot wound patients, which is now bpresenterseing adopted in
countries around the globe. (11:15-12:00)

An Overview of implants in the Head & Neck cancer patient
(Mr Chris Butterworth)
Mr Chris Butterworth from the Liverpool Head and Neck cancer centre, will
present an overview of the use of osseointegrated implants in the management
of head & neck cancer patients. (12:00-13:00)


Prosthetic management of the mid face and maxillary malignancy: a classification-based approach
(Mr Chris Butterworth)
Mr Butterworth will present his experience of managing patients presenting with maxillary and mid-facial malignant tumours who require Oral & facial rehabilitation. He will present the Liverpool algorithm for the initial management and rehabilitation with a trend towards primary implants and early fixed dental
rehabilitation where possible. (14:00-14:45)

Introducing new products that allow for improved treatment protocols
(Mr Graham Blackbeard)
New high strength Titanium has allowed for the introduction of new narrower diameter implants. Included in this is the new Zygomatic Implant, the ZYGAN. Engineering features of the new product will be highlighted. (14:45-15:15)

Case discussion: the Zygan Implant
(Dr Greg Boyes-Varley)
This new Zygomatic implant reduces surgical time and is less invasive (15:15-15:45)

Hands-on demonstration: placement of both the Zygan and Oncology implants in models
Application of the above principles, protocols and products will be demonstrated
by Dr Boyes-Varley and Mr Butterworth using specially prepared 3D printed
models (15:45-17:00)